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Inconspicuous Truth

Rihanna: Where have you been...Possible Lilith Connection?




According to Zohar -:19b (Bereshit:Passage 99-100) 99 “As soon as she (Lilith) saw Eve cleaving to the side of Adam, beauty above as soon as she saw the complete image, she flew away, desiring as before to cleave to the small places. Those guardians of the gates on high did not allow her. The blessed Holy One rebuked her and cast her to the bottom of the sea.” 100 “She dwelled there until Adam and his wife sinned. Then the Blessed Holy One plucked her from there. She ruled over all those children – small faces of humanity – who deserve to be punished for the sins of their fathers. She flew off, roaring through the world. Approaching the the earthly Garden of Eden, she sees cherubs guarding the gates of the Garden, and she dwells there by that flaming sword (Ge 3:24), for she emerged from the side of that flame.”


It is said that the name of Lilith derives from the Sumerian words for female demon or wind spirit (Lilitu) and a sexually frustrated female who behaves aggressively towards them. She comes looking for men at night. Lilitu is said to have lived in the desert lands, or similar open spaces. In a Sumerian tale, Lilith is associated with the snake in their story of the “Holy Garden” which is comparable to the snake in the Garden of Eden. She also appears in the the tale of Gilgamesh and the Huluppu tree. Gilgamesh must defend Inannas' willow tree from a dragon, a zu-bird and Lilith. Lilith then flees to the dessert. From this we can gather that she has been associated with the desert, being a snake, flames, having dwelled in the water and being sexually aggressive.


In Rihannas' new video for Where Have You Been, the storyline breakdown shows symbolism possibly leaning towards those of Lilith. The video starts with Rihanna slithering through the waters like a snake in a dark lagoon with the sun setting and a lurking mist in the background. A close up of her back shows an embellishment down her spine that is reminiscent of scales as she dips under the water. Flickering scenes of a naked Rihanna drenched in a sunlight, adorned in bone and enamel native style jewelry possibly as an example of the time period. The story continues with Rihanna in now in complete human form, as an arabic/gypsy style in the typical occult colors of black, white and red. To top it all off, she had a beta-sex kitten leopard scarf that perfectly holds her hair conveniently in front of one eye basically throughout the scene. Surrounded by tribesmen, in the desert with a desert blue sky with a large crescent-like moon in the background and fires burning they dance. Often in a circle surrounding Rihanna. As they continue to dance and dance, vibrations emerge as the power is being created by their ritual.


Flash into the next scene, a dark room lit by an intense light coming through the back wall. Continuing the basic black, white and red color scheme. This room has now added the classic baphomet heads on the walls. She now appears to be part of a harem as no men are present – just the gyrating women. Rihanna is styled to appear wild; from her hair to makeup and eyebrows. Her shirt is a cleverly woven knit skull with a third eye marking. The women are dancing in front of a tribal looking “throne”. A white and grey fur blanket/rug is draped over this throne as if someone was sitting in it – someone to whom these women are dancing for. The scene is often shot through a stone circular arch, to which at one point the dancers form an illuminati all seeing eye which has Rihanna at the center – this eye even blinks to make sure you know what you are seeing.


The next scene referred to Rihanna as the “owl setup” starts to flicker in. The hypnotic dancing and vibrations begin again – this time with flames emerging from her hands. The nest is shows Rihanna laying with the fur blanket/rug from the chair in the prior scene. What does this represent? She is wearing now a simple gold head adornment possibly symbolizing her now being a higher status – thus being in his nest – alone with said blanket/rug. As the song speeds up for the break, the dancing does as well. With great emphasis on her womb area leading to her next change.


Rihanna now stands alone and begins to multiply with an illumination at her third eye. She is wearing what at first glance looks like a shiny gold mask. Take a closer look and you will see that it is glitter pieces in the form of crosses and “$”. Coincidentally I'm sure, the majority of the crosses appear to be inverted. Now this may be a stretch but it also appears she may be wearing a winged “L” necklace during this scene. While it is difficult to see and determine do to the glare – if this is in fact an “L”, that would just be icing on the cake. Flashes of a painted tribal guy with fluid movements appearing as psychedelic trails with Rihanna still multiplying. A red light starts pulsating centered from her stomach (womb) – all which seem to be expressing pregnancy (multiplying). Just as she came, is how she will leave. Daybreak is here, so back into the water she walks. She has returned to her original form, as in the beginning with the scales. This time her harem of men, probably the men dancing around her in the desert are now welcoming her back home into the misty waters.


In the making of the video clips, you can find on the roc-nation website Rihanna can be seen again in the beta-sex kitten leopard robe. This is where she calls the nest in the video the “owl set up” No owl is present. To me, a nest does not make an owl even come to mind. “Why an owl” she says, “because they have 100% kill rate.” I guess that was just an interesting point to bring up. She also describes the choreography for this video, “this one is just all performance, its all about evoking emotion through your body.” One of the male dancers also made mention regarding the wardrobe, “every piece makes me feel a bit more closer to nature” So basically they want us to think: the nest is to be associated with an owl, evoking emotions connected to nature. So then the relation of the words to this video would be..... “I've been everywhere, looking for someone. Someone who can please me, love me all night long.


In summary: Is this coincidence? Or is this a subliminal message to the women of our day.


Lilith = Video

water water

mist mist

snake snake-like

desert desert

searches for men “searching for someone to please me”

night “love me all night long”

owl “owl set up” (nest)

flames flames from her hands

magic magical ceremony around fire



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